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Wishing you all a happy lohri and makar sakranti.
Glutathione is master antioxidant and detoxifier of cells in body. Increasing cellular levels causes skin whitening, delays aging, strengthens immune system, fights inflammation, detoxifies body. Brocoli is a high source of glutathione. Injectable glutathione and tablets are used for skin whitening. For treatments call nanda skinclinic 0161 2458602.
daily application of sunscreen in appropriate quantity reduces the harmful effects of solar radiation on skin.To diminish the skin damage we advocate daily use of sunscreen. Sun exposure can cause actinic damage ie loss of skin elasticity, sun spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. Sunscreens, wearing hats, sunglasses are an effective means of reducing sun exposure.
Anti ageing treatment in Ludhiana.
wishing u happy Gandhi jayanti