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Hypertrophic Scars Or Keloidal Scars

A hypertrophic scar is a cutaneous condition characterized by deposits of excessive amounts of collagen which gives rise to a raised scar, but not to the degree observed with keloids.[1] Like keloids, they form most often at the sites of pimples, body piercings, cuts and burns. They often contain nerves and blood vessels. They generally develop after thermal or traumatic injury that involves the deep layers of the dermis and express high levels of TGF-β. All of us at some time or other face the problem of scars specially on the prominent areas . like face ,forearms,upper chest ,etc.Scientific basis : Why do we get scars ?In simple words to summarize ,scar basically is the body's way to repair the area where normal covering i.e skin is damaged. when we sustain injury body gets a message from the injured area in form of pain and body,s repair machanism is set to action.while the skin is being repaired it actually is over repaired sometimes so that scar grows more than the initial injury.we call this as keloid. normal repair leaves a spot or mark which is different than the surrounding color of skin either it can be dark or be light depending upon the injury 's burn marks when deep burn the melanin also so that area becomes lighter than surrounding skin.



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